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Write reviews online to earn money

Wrote by Alvin Lim

The other day, I’ve talked about earning money in myLot by posting up discussion topics. I’ve earned USD $ 0.40 on my second day there. Not much actually. That’s why I’ve decided to look on other alternatives while keeping the myLot as “de-stress” place.

I’ve registered in some of the review sites which pay people for posting up product reviews. I’ve tried Epinions (very very very slow earning rate), SharedReviews (very slow as well), DooYoo (only available for UK and Europe residents) and Ciao (available to UK residents). All those, I must admit, are not that easy to earn money.

Then I came across ReviewStream. Unlike the rest of the review sites, this site lets you write ANY product reviews. You can write in a simple form since there’s no minimum or maximum length. You can also write on any product since the title of the review is up to you to put. The company requires you to have a PayPal account though. The rate is around USD $ 2 per review and if your review is so…

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