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How to become rich

.How to become richMany people dream to become wealthy. The rich live in an abundance of financial resources and are capable to possess luxuries beyond the reach of ordinary folks. Fortunately, the door to become rich elite is open to us. Let us find out what are the paths that lead us to the mountain of gold.Life is not fair. Some people have great privilege to inherit a lot of wealth. Being in the fortunate lineage makes you rich automatically. There are also lucky people who win big in gambling or luck related games and suddenly rise to the peak of their life. Despite the luck, if they don’t manage their wealth properly, they will lose it soon.The quick way of getting rich is business. The return on investment is normally high. It’s better if your business has high profit margin (sorry for the jargon) and keeps cash rolling in. Some people become wealthy even from small business. However, business is not for everyone. Besides the risk involved, you have to work a lot for a long per…

Avoid Traffic-Shaping On BitTorent

Most of the ISP actively engage with traffic shaping. Bandwidth throttling, or the nicer words, bandwidth management to keep amount of bandwidth consumed by high traffic applications to minimum.

Well how to ovecome this at user end point?

Well, you can try encrypting your traffic, changing port number, changing the way protocol behaves, reducing the amount of one way traffic, or hiding your traffic with your encrypted traffic. [read more]
Source: Tech Lab Review

WPA Encryption Cracking: Is it Possible ?

There are a few tools that can assist in a WPA-PSK crack. The first is KisMAC, however it is only useful to MAC users. Another is coWPATTY, which is a brute-force cracking tool that systematically attempts to crack the WPA-PSK by testing numerous passwords, in order, one at a time. Obviously this can be a time consuming process. This tool can only try 30-60 words per second with the possibilities are in the realm of 200 billion! Another tool is Aircrack, which can also capture data then perform a dictionary attack. Since this can be a time consuming process with a long enough pass phrase, which may deter crackers, I would recommend a pass phrase that is more then 20 characters and preferably not words that are found in the dictionary.

How to prepare a PhD research proposal

A crucial part of a PhD application is the research proposal. Researcher at Lancaster University provides a few suggestions on what to include and what to avoid.In making an application, make sure that the specialist area you wish to study is covered by a member(s) of staff at the University you want to apply. You can do this by checking either individual staff profiles, or by reading their Doctoral Brochure or the University’s Prospectus - both of which normally you can get online. You can also explore staff research interests by reading papers from their extensive archive of research working papers. You can email them for further clarification before proposing research title.[more]
Source: ERM Blog

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